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My Baby History

31 Oct

Hey! So I haven’t posted much about my pregnancy first because of being sick and forgetting/laziness. Right now I’m 24 weeks and 4 days. A little more than half way done. Yaay!!!! I’m feeling so much better. Just alot of aches and pains but I will take that over throwing up any day. My pregnancies seem to always be hard. It’s worth it though.

1st son

I was fresh out of high school just turned 18 and loving the boy around the corner when we found out I was pregnant. It wasn’t a surprise but was something we wasn’t ready for at our age. We got through it…..man it wasn’t easy. My pregnancy was ok. I had normal symptoms, nausea, constipation, smells bothered me boobies hurt and grew like crazy…nothing I couldn’t deal with or hide. Those went away by the end the first trimester. Feeling great working part time and communting back forth to college. I thought I had it down packed until I got to the middle of the last trimester my blood pressure started to go up and nothing I did would bring it down. I felt fine. So that was scary because there was no warning other than having my blood pressure checked whenever I went to the doctors. They decided to induce me a month before my due date at 36 weeks. My baby was perfectly healthy at 6lbs 4oz. Ooh yeah a boy! We were expecting a girl…we had two ultrasounds at two different places both saying it was a girl. Surprise surprise.

2nd Son

4 years later we were expecting. I thought it was going to be the same hopefully minus the high blood pressure. About a week or two after I found out I was pregnant I started dry heaving in the middle of the night then everything that went past my lips made me sick but stayed down. A week later nothing would stay down. I hate throwing up it is one of those things that has always been. That on top of not experience this with my first child made it unbearable. The docs said try eating this, eat small, sip, tums, ginger, seabands….ha! NOTHING WORKED. Until they gave me phenergan. What a happy day! I gained 10lbs in a month! At 20 weeks I could go with out the meds. Certain things still made my sick but no throwing up. Great! No high blood pressure. I went into labor naturally at 39 weeks. Slept through most of the labor at home woke up at 4am to bloody show and a strong urge to poop. We got ourselves and son together dropped him off at my moms and went to the hospital. I thought up and down I was going to be sent home. Nope got there and was 7cm… my contractions were just uncomfortable. But i decided to get the epidural because i didn’t know how bad it was going to get. Before the anesthesiologist left i was checked and was 10cm. I could of went without one! I deal very well with pain. Push time! 3 hours of push time…ugh not again! 3 hrs of pushing with the first as well and delivered vaginal. My pushing wasn’t the problem…it’s what they call narrow hips?… they could see his head but wasn’t moving down any farther. Nothing much more they could do but suggest a c section. Scared the crap out of me and I cried but decided to go ahead with it I was tired and just wanted my baby. He was born a little before noon that day at 8lbs 15oz. My big baby boy!

3rd Baby

We found out I was pregnant again in June right before we were to move. Got awful morning sickness as with the second but I could control it a little better however smells trigger it. Moving, summer, two kids to deal with and new smells made it worse. I cried because I didn’t know if I could take on all this. I didn’t want to live at one point. Yes it can get that serious. That has pasted…I gotten my phenergan and now off of it, now feeling good…working on growing a healthy baby.


                22 weeks along

Sorry for the long post…thanks for reading.