My Baby History

31 Oct

Hey! So I haven’t posted much about my pregnancy first because of being sick and forgetting/laziness. Right now I’m 24 weeks and 4 days. A little more than half way done. Yaay!!!! I’m feeling so much better. Just alot of aches and pains but I will take that over throwing up any day. My pregnancies seem to always be hard. It’s worth it though.

1st son

I was fresh out of high school just turned 18 and loving the boy around the corner when we found out I was pregnant. It wasn’t a surprise but was something we wasn’t ready for at our age. We got through it… it wasn’t easy. My pregnancy was ok. I had normal symptoms, nausea, constipation, smells bothered me boobies hurt and grew like crazy…nothing I couldn’t deal with or hide. Those went away by the end the first trimester. Feeling great working part time and communting back forth to college. I thought I had it down packed until I got to the middle of the last trimester my blood pressure started to go up and nothing I did would bring it down. I felt fine. So that was scary because there was no warning other than having my blood pressure checked whenever I went to the doctors. They decided to induce me a month before my due date at 36 weeks. My baby was perfectly healthy at 6lbs 4oz. Ooh yeah a boy! We were expecting a girl…we had two ultrasounds at two different places both saying it was a girl. Surprise surprise.

2nd Son

4 years later we were expecting. I thought it was going to be the same hopefully minus the high blood pressure. About a week or two after I found out I was pregnant I started dry heaving in the middle of the night then everything that went past my lips made me sick but stayed down. A week later nothing would stay down. I hate throwing up it is one of those things that has always been. That on top of not experience this with my first child made it unbearable. The docs said try eating this, eat small, sip, tums, ginger, seabands….ha! NOTHING WORKED. Until they gave me phenergan. What a happy day! I gained 10lbs in a month! At 20 weeks I could go with out the meds. Certain things still made my sick but no throwing up. Great! No high blood pressure. I went into labor naturally at 39 weeks. Slept through most of the labor at home woke up at 4am to bloody show and a strong urge to poop. We got ourselves and son together dropped him off at my moms and went to the hospital. I thought up and down I was going to be sent home. Nope got there and was 7cm… my contractions were just uncomfortable. But i decided to get the epidural because i didn’t know how bad it was going to get. Before the anesthesiologist left i was checked and was 10cm. I could of went without one! I deal very well with pain. Push time! 3 hours of push time…ugh not again! 3 hrs of pushing with the first as well and delivered vaginal. My pushing wasn’t the problem…it’s what they call narrow hips?… they could see his head but wasn’t moving down any farther. Nothing much more they could do but suggest a c section. Scared the crap out of me and I cried but decided to go ahead with it I was tired and just wanted my baby. He was born a little before noon that day at 8lbs 15oz. My big baby boy!

3rd Baby

We found out I was pregnant again in June right before we were to move. Got awful morning sickness as with the second but I could control it a little better however smells trigger it. Moving, summer, two kids to deal with and new smells made it worse. I cried because I didn’t know if I could take on all this. I didn’t want to live at one point. Yes it can get that serious. That has pasted…I gotten my phenergan and now off of it, now feeling good…working on growing a healthy baby.


                22 weeks along

Sorry for the long post…thanks for reading.


Best Braid Out!!!

17 Oct


I was so happy with my results with this braidout that I had to post. It was done on relaxed hair too!

I washed and conditioned my hair. Oiled my hair and scalp.

Sectioned my hair into braided ponytails and secured the ends with rubberbands.



Then wrapped them around my head with bobby pins.


I left my hair like this overnight and most of the day.

Took them down, lightly combed it out and fluffed.


Came out better then on my transitioning hair.

Relaxed Hair

27 Sep

Hey! I’m back! I have been starting to feel so much better. This pregnancy has been taking me through it (morning sickness) just like the last one but thats another post soon to come.

So I did relax my hair back in July after one year and 4 months without one. I have to say I love it! I feel like myself again.

   This is 2 months post blown dry


                Then flat ironed


I washed with motions shampoo

Then apply my oil mix (mostly coconut oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil and tea tree oil ). On top of that I apply motions moisture condition, put on a plastic cap and left on for about 2 hours (I fell asleep).

Washed it out. Applied coconut and grapeseed oil for heat protectant.

Blowed dried my hair and flat ironed.

That is it! Simple and easy! Just how I like it.

Turning Back…and I’am Ok With It

6 Jul

Soooooo Guys! I decided to start relaxing my hair again. Don’t freak! Lol. My husband almost had a fit and protested when I told him. He watched me struggle with my hair during my transitition and supported me along the way. I did get on his nerves alot lol…sorry boo.

I have thought long and hard about relaxing again. I also don’t feel that my 1 year and 5 months without a relaxer was a waste or that I’am giving up. I got alot out of my journey. I learned how to take care of my natural hair. I got a better understanding of my hair and hair in general. I learned so many different styles and technqiues that I can apply to my relaxed hair. Like roller sets and bantu knots. I feel like I have more options because I can do most of the same styles with relaxed hair that I could with natural.

I will try to relax only 3 times a year, every 4 months. I’m used to stretching that long anyway and with me not having a relaxer for over a year… I know I can.
I found some good blog post on how to prep hair for relaxers that I will be following. I think my only problem is this first relaxer. Like finding where my natural and relax hair meet and with one side of my head being almost relaxer free this should be interesting.

I still will focus on healthy hair, products and hair styles. Until next time.

Happy Hair : )

Catching Up

6 Jul

Hey! Been awhile. I’ve been busy with moving and morning sickness. My husband and I will be expecting our 3rd child in feb! I gotta say this is the last child I will be popping out. I never really enjoyed being pregnant and morning sickness (but who likes being sick). I just love end result the baby smell, the chubby faces, tiny feet and watching them grow. We plan on having foster childen  and I don’t want to take attention away from them that need us with morning sickness and aches and pains and such. I think I will be happy with our 3 and giving to children who need love and comfort.

Happy Hair : )

Hair Candy

11 Jun




Just some headbands I made to keep the tresses looking pretty.

Maybe I’ll do a give away soon!?!

Or if you can’t wait you can buy them here

Happy Hair : )

Your welcome! From the heat!

25 May

It has been around the high 70s to mid 80s with lots of humidity around my area for the past week and you know what that does to the hair.

FRIZZY! PUFFY! HUGE! Just to name a few. Usually this would drive me crazy but not anymore. I’am loving it! I was tired of flat hair. I like my hair thick and huge and with some body….thats what I’ve been getting all week. Yes!


Looking forward to summer! I might change my mind when it gets too hot…who knows, we’ll see.

Happy Hair : )

Breathe Oklahoma

22 May


Sending my love and prayer to      Oklahoma

Happy Hair : )

A Very Hershey Sunday

22 May

This past sunday. My husband, the boys and I took a trip to the Ronald McDonald house in Hershey Pa to drop off donated items. Thank you to everyone who donated! Every year we try to give something to them.

If you don’t know the Ronald McDonald House is an awesome charity for families who need a place to stay while their child or children are ill or injured and need to stay in the hospital or near. It allows families a comfortable place to stay free of charge. So they can stay close to their child.

Our Connection

Two days before Thanksgiving 2009 early in the night. We were awaken by a loud thoud. My husband ran out of our bedroom (we were sleeping) and yelled call 911 the tv fell on Josh. Dazed and confused I jumped up and was quickly snapped out my sleep, to see my son laying on the floor with  with blood coming out of one ear. That’s when I knew it was serious. The ambulance came and took him to lancaster hospital. When we arrived, It was like a movie with a team of doctors and nurses waiting to take care of him. There I  was waiting in a little room for word on what was going on with my only child and waiting for my husband to arrive. I was praying and crying…I was beside myself. My husband and his parents finally came and a little bit after that they came in and told us they were going to fly him to hershey medical to their children’s hospital. They let us go see him before they took off. It was heartbreaking my baby (4years old at the time) was all strapped down and ready. He had two black and swollen eyes and was put into a medically induced coma. We drove to the hospital in hershey and was met with our good friend and his father in law who is also the pastor of the church we were going to.  Once we were told were to go. It was another long wait with phone calls to family and lots and lots of praying and crying. The doctor finally came and told us they had him stable and they were not sure the outcome. He had skull fractures and swelling. We went up to the icu to see him. After awhile they told us for now everything seemed ok and they would give us a call with any changes. We stayed in a Ronald McDonald  room for family to stay at in the hospital but eventurally went to the car and fell asleep for what seem like two mins.

In the morning he still wasn’t wake. The doctors said he may not recognize you. He may not be able to speak, walk etc… I was so happy my child was alive and we would take one thing and day at a time.

They set us up at the Ronald McDonald house such a blessing! We got a room. Then went back to the hospital. Where the nurse told us he woke up and that he made them take him to use the bathroom because he did not want to go in the diaper he had on. Lol thats my child I knew he would be ok. He was still a little weak and groggy and could barely see. When we came in to see him we called his name. He said mommy, daddy? GOD IS GOOD!!!!!! We stayed with him until he went to sleep and went back to the RMH. We took showers, ate a little and got to rest and sleep in a bed. It was great to be able to relax and have a place to do so in and not have to worry about money during a trying time.

The next day was Thanksgiving and boy did we have soo much to be thankful for. My husband and his mom went back to our home which is a little over an hour away to get us some clothes while my father inlaw and I stayed with lil Josh and ate Thanksgiving lunch. After my husband came back my inlaws drove back home and we walked around and played with our son until he fell asleep. He was down graded that night and could go home the next day if everything went well. We went back to the RMH where we ate Thanksgiving dinner made by wonderful people who volunteer to make meals for the families who stay there.

The next day we got to take our baby home where we were meet with family and friends with so much love and support. The church preschool he went to some of families made dinner for us for a week. They sent cards and a big poster of all the kids hand prints, full of get wells.

Life is so presious and you don’t know when you will be called home. Never take it for granted. We all know life is hard but you got to trust god and walk with him no matter what. I’am learning each and everyday. Always help out and give what you can and in anyway you can. You never know when you will need support.

We were extremly blessed because alot of children don’t make it out of that situation.

On A Lighter Note

We went to the RMH. They are all done with their renovation and it is wonderful! They added more rooms, another laundry room, another kitchen, another dining room, a kids play area, computer room, and craft room.






                     Great Job!

After that we decided to go to Hershey park well chocolate world. I Love that place and so did the boys. It was Jere’s first time going.That place never gets old…lol.


Sorry for the long post

Happy Hair : )

Quick Wash Day

19 May


1. Washed hair with suave keratin/coconut lime conditioner and shea moisture.

2. Deep conditioned with coconut/grapeseed/castor oil and motions moisture plus conditioner for little over two hours (while I worked out, showered and did some things around the house).

3. T-shirt towel dried hair for a little while. Applied coconut oil and shea moisture leave in to hair. Blow dried with comb attachment on low most part, then on high for little bit.

4. Flat Iron and wrap

Happy Hair : )