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Steaming Hair Products, worth the hype???

26 Feb

I have been eyeing the Caruso steam Curlers and a steam cap for a few years now and haven’t gotten around to actually buying them. Well i finally brought them! I’am pretty happy with my purchase.

The steam cap is pretty simple. You can use it for hot oil treatments prepoos and deep conditioning. I use it for both. After you apply the product to your hair, cover hair with a plastic cap. Place cap in the microwave heat for 90 seconds and place over hair.

CONS: It’s a little heavy but not too bad. I was able to work out with it on. Children, it may be an issue. My 4 year old was able to keep it on for 10 mins but that is the suggested use time. I keep it on for 30 mins to 1hr.

If you keep it on after 20 minutes you may want to reheat in the microwave.

It’s not that big. Some say they are able to use curlers with it. I don’t even see how that’s possible…

PROS: The steam helps the products penetrate the hair better and faster. You don’t have to sit under a dryer. You can go about your day, while your hair is been beautified…kills to birds with one stone.

Cuts down on application time.

Overall I really like it!


I like that they curl your hair without heat and without having to wait forever and a day for your hair to dry if you were to curl you hair without heat (curlformers, pillow curlers, twist/braidouts, bantu knots, etc.).

I used them twice but only on a small section of my hair.

My hair was shiny when I took them out and the curlers were not super tight ( they did fall some but I like it that way).

The next day my hair was dry on ends got to watch out for that.

I left the curlers in for about an hour. My hair had been flat ironed for almost a week.

I’ll give a full review after I use them on my entire head.


Past hair routine 

18 Jan

My hair routine has been basically the same for the past 3 years. My hair was growing pretty nicely. It was hitting my mid back😁. This past year I’ve been struggling and hit some set backs 😢😤.

For past couple of years my routine was pretty much

Every 2 weeks

  • Oil treatment/prepoo(coconut and castor oil
  • Shampoo – only applying shampoo to my scalp
  • Condition
  • Apply coconut oil and blow dry
  • Then braid or twist into 2 braids/flat twist

Every 4 months

  • Relax and trim

Every once in awhile I would flatiron

I’m sure pregnancy hormones helped quite a bit.

The past year I have been going into my broker’s office regularly for meetings and working. I always had to have my hair done, meaning putting stress on my hair more than usual and that’s when I started to notice the breakage. I was losing my length and health.

I’m trying to go back to my old ways and maybe even washing my hair every week. One week cowash, next week shampoo and condition. But I probably won’t be applying heat every week.

My hair over the past 3 years

Wash Day 3 weeks Post

21 Dec

I washed and relaxed my hair 3 weeks ago. Now, usually I wash every 4 weeks but im trying to work my way up to every 2…baby steps.

I started by prepooing with coconut oil for about an hour and half. Shampooed with motions keratain and than with a mix of motions and herbal essences hello hydration conditioner.

I applied my coconut lime conditioner for about 30mins. Conditioned with herbal essences for 8mins and than motions moisture plus conditioner for 15mins.

Applied coconut oil to hair. Blow dried on high and flatironed on 310 the lowest my flatiron gets.

My hair came out so soft and fluffy


    Sorry for the mugshot look lol

Best Braid Out!!!

17 Oct


I was so happy with my results with this braidout that I had to post. It was done on relaxed hair too!

I washed and conditioned my hair. Oiled my hair and scalp.

Sectioned my hair into braided ponytails and secured the ends with rubberbands.



Then wrapped them around my head with bobby pins.


I left my hair like this overnight and most of the day.

Took them down, lightly combed it out and fluffed.


Came out better then on my transitioning hair.

Relaxed Hair

27 Sep

Hey! I’m back! I have been starting to feel so much better. This pregnancy has been taking me through it (morning sickness) just like the last one but thats another post soon to come.

So I did relax my hair back in July after one year and 4 months without one. I have to say I love it! I feel like myself again.

   This is 2 months post blown dry


                Then flat ironed


I washed with motions shampoo

Then apply my oil mix (mostly coconut oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil and tea tree oil ). On top of that I apply motions moisture condition, put on a plastic cap and left on for about 2 hours (I fell asleep).

Washed it out. Applied coconut and grapeseed oil for heat protectant.

Blowed dried my hair and flat ironed.

That is it! Simple and easy! Just how I like it.

Wash Weekend

29 Apr


I started my weekend Friday night with a overnight prepoo with oils coconut, grapeseed and castor oil.
In the morning I washed it with my mixture of a little bit of shampoo and mostly coconut lime conditioner. Then I applied my yogurt protein mask. 30 mins later I rinsed it out and sprayed in the coconut lime conditioner, left on for an hour. Applied oil mixture of coconut, grapeseed, and castor oil as well as sauve keratin leave in. Twisted my hair into 8 sections to air dry. The next morning. I used my hair dryer to get the kinks from the twists out. Then flat ironed.

Happy Hair : )

Pinned Do

21 Apr


I wore this cute style to a friends engagement party. I was bored with my hair and it started to frizz in the front. I went searching for some ideas. I came across Babilion Kay Protective Pinned Do on youtube. She has this protective style with 2 ponytails and pinning the hair. I use to wear my hair similiar back in college but I would bun it. This one is cuter and easy as well.

I did do a couple things different. I curled my hair with satin rollers. The back is the same except I did not pin a curl in the middle. The top ponytail was not working right for me. So I swept the front to the side. Pinned my hair down and pinned the curls like the ponytail in the back.

Note: Her hair is way longer than mine. I have medium length hair and it worked out just as great!!!!!

Have fun and make it your own!

Happy Hair : )

Fluffly Curls

26 Mar


Over the past 2-3 days I played around with curling my hair. I have not curled my hair since going natural (1 year and a month ago).

Sunday I used the knock off of curlformers with wrapping foam. Set under my dryer for 30 mins and left them in overnight.




This is after I separated the curls

I do like how the curls turned out but they were not what I was going for. I wanted my hair to move and be fluffy.

Later that day I tried the curling iron on one side…better but too tight of a curl in the front.

Today I tried my flatiron over most of my head (a small section in the back I used the curling iron). Love it!  Next time I will use the curling iron in the back and flatiron on the sides and in the front.


Happy Hair : )

Do My Hair Day

12 Mar


1. Sectioned hair into 6 buns

2. Rinsed hair with water. Wrapped hair with towel

3. Massaged Sauve Keratin shampoo into each section

4. Rinsed shampoo out and wrapped hair with towel

5. Sprayed hair with my coconut lime conditioner. Left in for an hour and rinsed. Wrapped hair with a t- shirt turban.

6. Painted a mix of Sauve Keratin conditioner and Vo5 milk conditioner with hands to each section of hair. Plastic cap for 30min. Rinsed with cool water. Wrapped hair with t-shirt turban.

7. Applied coconut oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil mix and sauve keratin leave in conditioner to each section of hair.

10.Put each section into twisted ponytails. Air dried overnight.

9. Blow-dried each section on low with comb attachment to get wave out.


10. Flatiron hair from back to front


Hair pics

2 Mar


                Braidout Dec 2012


                       Jan 2013


                       Feb 2013



March 2013






April 2013