Green House Effect????

1 May

I came across this hair thing called green house effect for your hair a couple months ago which is simliar to bagging.

It is basically applying natural oil to your hair. Then covering your hair with a plastic cap, followed by a scarf over long periods of time for as many days as you want. Shampooing and dusting ends once a month. You can find more details from the creator of Real Queens Green House Effect

I have been wanting to try it but I am scared of my hair reverting because of the steam it creates.

My hair is at the point where it stalls. I got my hair to grow past shoulder length. My hair is borderline armpit with thining on the left side ( was always like that since I was a little girl?). Anywho. I my next goal is bra strap length. With the results I see with green housing on others it might just get me there. I just got to find a way to work it into my lifestyle so it could work. Maybe I will try it out a week before I wash my hair. I don’t know?????

Until next time!

Happy Hair : )


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