Do My Hair Day

12 Mar


1. Sectioned hair into 6 buns

2. Rinsed hair with water. Wrapped hair with towel

3. Massaged Sauve Keratin shampoo into each section

4. Rinsed shampoo out and wrapped hair with towel

5. Sprayed hair with my coconut lime conditioner. Left in for an hour and rinsed. Wrapped hair with a t- shirt turban.

6. Painted a mix of Sauve Keratin conditioner and Vo5 milk conditioner with hands to each section of hair. Plastic cap for 30min. Rinsed with cool water. Wrapped hair with t-shirt turban.

7. Applied coconut oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil mix and sauve keratin leave in conditioner to each section of hair.

10.Put each section into twisted ponytails. Air dried overnight.

9. Blow-dried each section on low with comb attachment to get wave out.


10. Flatiron hair from back to front



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