23 Feb


I know, this blog is mainly for natural girls or guys (I don’t judge) who like to and keep their hair straight most of the time. But this is what I have for now sorry. I straighten my hair more than I should of in the past month (didn’t take any good pics) and my hair needed to be washed. Next time I promise. Here’s what I do to achive my braidouts.

Wash and condition

Section hair into 6 sections

Lightly oil scalp and hair with mostly coconut oil, 3 drops of grapeseed oil and 1 drop of castor oil to each section

Apply leave-in suave keratin condition to each section

Put each section in a ponytail, braid and secure ends with a ponytail holder or rubberband.

Leave in ponytails until hair is completely dry or mostly dry.

Take sections out and blow dry on cool with comb attachment one at a time.


Now for any given day and you just want a braidout and texture.


Section hair in 5 sections

Lightly mist section of hair with water. 1 or 2 sprays not too close to hair.

Add product I use coconut oil mix and leave-in. Or when i flat iron my hair i use flaxseed gel.

Braid. Secure with rubberband or hair tie.

Wrap with satin scarf and leave in overnight or longer

When ready to take out; rub some oil in hands, rub hands down braids and carefully slip off rubberbands or hair ties.

Take out braids fluff and style.

I use braidouts mainly as a protective style. If i need to go somewhere and don’t want to take them out, I throw on a hat or slouchy beenie.



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