New Look 6415 Pattern Review

18 Jan

I made a black wearable muslin of this knit tunic back in October. I decided that a weekend getaway (to the Poconos) would be perfect to sew this up again.

I purchased the rayon knit fabric from Joanns. Wish I had more time to buy online. Joanns is expensive and their apparel fabric wasn’t on sale, now it is 😒.

I made view D with long sleeves.

I pretty much followed the patterns directions. I did lower the neck line and sewn the sleeves in flat instead of setting them in (I hate set in sleeves). I also thought about making the sleeves longer because I have long arms, but I forgot to add on to the sleeves. The sleeves turned out fine.

I like how it hides the tummy and the back rolls, very flattering.

It’s a quick and easy pattern. I’am also new to working with knits. This was a success!

I will mostly make again in a different view.


    Past hair routine 

    18 Jan

    My hair routine has been basically the same for the past 3 years. My hair was growing pretty nicely. It was hitting my mid back😁. This past year I’ve been struggling and hit some set backs 😢😤.

    For past couple of years my routine was pretty much

    Every 2 weeks

    • Oil treatment/prepoo(coconut and castor oil
    • Shampoo – only applying shampoo to my scalp
    • Condition
    • Apply coconut oil and blow dry
    • Then braid or twist into 2 braids/flat twist

    Every 4 months

    • Relax and trim

    Every once in awhile I would flatiron

    I’m sure pregnancy hormones helped quite a bit.

    The past year I have been going into my broker’s office regularly for meetings and working. I always had to have my hair done, meaning putting stress on my hair more than usual and that’s when I started to notice the breakage. I was losing my length and health.

    I’m trying to go back to my old ways and maybe even washing my hair every week. One week cowash, next week shampoo and condition. But I probably won’t be applying heat every week.

    My hair over the past 3 years

    It’s been awhile… I’m back!

    5 Dec


    Well it’s going on 3 years since my last post, and some things have happened. It has been 3 years.

    My baby girl is 3 now going on 4 or 14, shoot I can’t tell…so much freakin attitude. I gotten my real estate license entered in the world of real estate (Realtor), A dream I had for 6 years, found out it’s not for me 😔.  I decided I will probably not renew my license next year and will continue on working with my husband in his real estate investing company. 

    Iam still relaxed, well textlaxed.  I wish I would have documented the past 3 years of my hair because it was growing pretty strong and got pretty long. I will upload some pics and regiment in a later post. I guess I had a couple of set backs that brings me to now, trying to figure out what the heck is going on with my hair.

    Oh yeah! I had another baby! Another girl! She is 1 going on 2, born a week before my my oldest daughter turn 2. That brings the total to 4 kids! 2 boys and 2 girls. Before you ask “are you done?” UM YEAH! I was done after the 3rd but depo failed…smh. 

    Anywho, I have some much to share from of course hair.. to diy.. to anything that I finding interesting and what’s on my mind.

    Talk to ya soon!

    Valentine’s Tea Party ♥ 1st Birthday

    1 Apr


    My Babygirl’s 1st birthday came and went. That year went by way too fast 😦

    Anywho, I have some things I made for her special day I wanted to share.

    I love to bake and create yummy cakes and cupcakes for my family and friends.  I have been wanting to try baking those cute little cakes in the can. I thought it would be perfect for my daughter’s first cake.


    All you need is cake mix or homemade recipe prepare as on box or as usual. Can(s), I used 2 tomato sauce cans.


    They do take longer to bake just keep an eye on them and don’t fill the cans up too much. After done baking let cool and decorate. I did a rose design with a large star tip.

    For her party I went with cupcakes in the design of a bouquet of roses.


    This was my second time making a cupcake bouquet but on a larger scale. You will need more than 24 cupcakes, found that out last minute. Got the pot and styrofoam ball at Joanns fabric (used those coupons). The styrofoam ball is expensive I am sure it was 8 inches and so was the pot. I painted the pot with acrylic paint and added sticker letters to create my message.


    Hot glued the styrofoam ball on very quickly around the edges of the pot.
    You attach the cupcakes with toothpicks, there are plenty of tutorials out there. I would suggest decorating the cupcakes prior to putting them on the ball. It can get a little messy but I like the outcome better than decorating while the cupcakes are already on the ball. I decorated the cupcakes here while on the ball. Its totally up to you. Fill in gaps with tissue paper. 

    Now to my favorite! The first thing I have sewn for my little lady, her party dress.


    She had a Valentine’s tea party. Love the hearts on the dress. Got the fabric from Joanns 50% off and used McCalls 5791 pattern, the dress that is being modeled.


    I didn’t make the bloomers or headband. I made 2 simple 5 petal flowers from leftover fabric from the dress and glued it on a purchased headband and on the dress.


    And look at those shoes! They are the cutest!  Got them at Burlington coat factory for $6. Gotta love Minnie Mouse!

    I decorated our house with paper heart chains. Gave paper teacups fill with Valentine’s candy to the little girls as favors and robots made of candy to the boys.


    I can’t wait until next year! Finally get to plan and host girly parties!

    Postpartum shedding is a B****!

    10 Jul

    I’ve been experiencing
    postpartum shedding like no other. Postpartum shedding is normal months after giving birth but I have never experienced this much before. The worst part is, it is shedding and thining in the front of my head, making me feel self conscious.

    The only thing I can do is to roll with the punches and not put too much too stress on my hair.


                 Top pic is postpartum
                  Bottom pic is before

    Did anyone experience this?
    Any tips?


    My edges have been growing back but sadly my baby girl’s hair is shedding : (

    Crochet Bootie Socks

    13 Mar


    You can find the sock pattern here and the bow pattern here.


    25 Feb


    I had my baby GIRL going on almost two weeks ago! I didn’t want to know what we were having but my husband did, so at the 20 week ultrasound the tech told him while I went to the bathroom. All of our family and friends were kept for knowing until the big day as well. My husband did a great job at keeping it a secret. This was the most stressful pregnancy so far due to things unrelated to the pregnancy, so when she did arrive she was the great light at the end of the tunnel.

    On to labor and delivery. About a month before my due date the doctors tried to scare me into having a scheduled c-section because I had a c-section with my last baby. I had a vaginal with the first. Check out more My Birth History. I really had my heart set on the another vaginal birth but im flexible. They tried to scare me into a scheduled c section a week before my due date. I was not happy. I wanted the baby to come on its own. At my next appointment I talked them into giving me a week after my due date. My due date was feb 16th, my c section was to be the 21st if i didn’t go into labor on my own. I was more ok with that option.
    About a week before I gave birth I started spotting and having inconsistent contractions. That week at the doctors I was 2cm and 50% effaced. More spotting and contractions but nothing to be alarmed about just super annoying. The next week, tuesday The office calls to change my appointment from thursday to later that day because there was a big snow and ice storm coming wed and thursday. I washed and did my hair thinking I had a couple days before I went into labor. While doing so I was having some pretty strong contractions and they were getting closer together. On my way to the docs I was having them, walking to the office I had to stop because of them. While Waiting, more contractions. While the nurse was taking my blood pressure I had more which raised my blood pressure. When I got examined I had a couple. I had only dilated one more cm since the last visit but they wanted me to get observed. So to labor and delivery I went. I was told to walk around the unit for an hour and the contractions got stronger and painful. I was only 4-5cm and they were thinking about sending me home. I didn’t want to go home because the contractions were really bad. Then they decided I was in active labor. I got a bag of fluids before my epidural (orignally I didn’t want one but the pain was so bad at only 5cm than with my last baby, the 9 ponder at 9cm. I really wanted one). I got the epidural and the doc broke my water and gave me poticin. I was so happy and relaxed. I got a couple hours of sleep and rest before i was awaked by painful contractions. The contractions kept getting stronger and more painful. That epidual failed me!!!! It was push time and too late for another epidual. There was so much pain and pressure it made it hard to think and push. After pushing for a little while I was allowed to take a 30min break. Which helped alot with bringing the baby down. I pushed for around 30-45 more mins. I felt that ring of fire they tell you about when the baby’s head crowns. The nurses had the nerve to tell me to stop pushing and to wait for the doc. It felt like a boulder in my vagina. I clawed at my husband’s arm and said where is she (the doc) she needs to hurry up! I told them I can’t hold it and pushed that baby out! They put her right on my chest and thats when the doc came in. Wow! THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!! I held my baby up to see if it was a boy or girl. At first glance I saw the umbilical cord and thought another boy but was like look around it and seen a vagina!!!! I finally got my little girl!!!! I cried happy tears!!!!

    I didn’t even tear! Which was even awesomer lol.

    That was my third time giving birth, it was the easiest, fastest but the most painful. Everyone was for sure I was having another c section (even myself at times). I believed in my body and I had, I guess a natural vbac! Yay me. My body always knows how to surprise me and be amazing. Thank God for everything!!!!


                           Baby J
                          8lbs 1oz

    New Crochet Corner

    29 Jan



             With matching bootcuffs


                Blue Girl Butterfly Hat

                      Matching Grey

                     Slouchy puff hat

      (All of these are about 1 year old)

    Wash Day 3 weeks Post

    21 Dec

    I washed and relaxed my hair 3 weeks ago. Now, usually I wash every 4 weeks but im trying to work my way up to every 2…baby steps.

    I started by prepooing with coconut oil for about an hour and half. Shampooed with motions keratain and than with a mix of motions and herbal essences hello hydration conditioner.

    I applied my coconut lime conditioner for about 30mins. Conditioned with herbal essences for 8mins and than motions moisture plus conditioner for 15mins.

    Applied coconut oil to hair. Blow dried on high and flatironed on 310 the lowest my flatiron gets.

    My hair came out so soft and fluffy


        Sorry for the mugshot look lol

    Little men need love too!

    10 Dec

    It just came to me… I’ve been neglecting haircare for boys. I don’t know how that got past me? Well maybe because my little guys are so low maintenance.


    My boys don’t have the long hair, all braided up and what not. We keep it cut and maybe let it grow to little curls but that is it. I feel now this is me… I don’t have any girls, I have boys and they will have short hair not long, I will not be braiding, twisting, locking or ponytailing my son’s hair and my husband feels the same. My husband does cut their hair and his own and does a great job.


    Even though their hair is low maintenance problems do arise, like find the right shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, dry scalp and haircuts.

    I will be adding boys hair care to my blog because little guys need love too and who doesn’t love a guy with a great head of hair…short or long.